Drivers probably aren't most people's favorite software subject, but they are important. That's why it's a relief when you find a driver management program that is so easy to navigate and simple to use, like Driver Robot.

Driver Robot allows you to scan your system for outdated or missing drivers, the software that tells your computer how to interact with your hardware. It does this via a simple scan and, when it finishes, presents you with a report on the updates you require. Once it does this, a "Get Drivers" button will appear in the bottom right-hand corner. Unfortunately, once you click on this, you discover that Driver Robot suffers the same problem as many of its competitors - the trial version only scans for problems, it doesn't fix them.

Driver Robot's options are similarly limited, with the Download function disabled in the trial version. On the upside, it does have an export function for use with computers without an Internet connection, and allows you to schedule scans. Driver Robot's help is online only, and it doesn't have any other configuration settings.

The lack of trial version functionality is a major issue. Sure, it could be great at downloading and installing updates, but without even one example of this function, we are unable to judge 50% of the program.

Driver Robot might be great, but with such a limited trial, it's hard to tell.

Driver Robot


Driver Robot

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